Category: General Questions
We offer the entertainment to keep your guests happy and we can act as a “master of ceremonies.” A professional DJ offers an elegant mood to the dinner experience as well as fun and exciting entertainment/atmosphere for everyone who attends.
Category: Music

We offer a wide variety of music from the ’50’s to today. We offer the styles you would like which include instrumental, big band, classic rock, classical, country, dance, gospel, jazz, oldies, orchestra, pop, punk rock, R & B, soul, swing, and more. We will play at your event music that you have requested; perhaps you’ve requested styles of music and a few artists. We will take your list and mix them in with the top 100 songs, as listed on the DJ international top charts.

Category: General Questions

Semi formal/formal. My assistants generally wear dress pants and a dark polo shirt.

Category: General Questions

You have specified a certain time that you would like music played, for example, the cocktail hour, the dinner hour, the highlight events during the evening. Your reception includes all of these times. If you are having a cocktail hour after the ceremony, and then a dinner hour all of these times must be included in your total package as they are part of a reception. If your venue provides music during your cocktail hour then your time would begin once your guests have moved into the banquet hall. We know that each and every wedding reception is unique and therefore we will help you design and find the perfect package to fit your needs. Call us with any questions or email us.

Category: Price and Payment

Please visit our current DJ package page which will advise you of the current rates. Travel fees may apply. If you have any questions about which entertainment package is right for you, please contact us by email or by telephone any time.

We prefer to have an hour and a half. We do a sound check and squelch control approximately 30 minutes prior to your guests arriving to the reception.

Our company has been around since 1998. We have been in the wedding industry since that time. We have all the proper equipment and an exceptional DJ with a great personality. We are an established local company and we know how to get the mood and atmosphere of any event into high gear.

You may not have the proper amplification system to provide the necessary power for the sound you desire on your dance floor. Just setting up speakers with an iPod does not give you the professional sound that we can provide for you. Also the mood of your guests might change and your iPod would not recognize that. A good DJ will recognize the changes quickly and will adapt the music according to the needs of your family friends and guests. One would think that the absolute last thing you would want to do on your wedding day is to operate your iPod, or delegate this task to one of your untrained guests when he or she really wants to be a guest at your wedding and not your DJ. This is a “once in a lifetime” event which is too important to leave to chance or nonprofessionals.

Yes, we have a 2nd set up of equipment to provide outdoor amplification. There is an additional charge for this service.

No, the only way to reserve our DJ services on a particular date is with a signed contract and paid retainer.

Category: Price and Payment

We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Cash, check and PayPal.(You do not need to have a PayPal account in order to use PayPal on our website.)

If the cancellation is made more than 90 days from the date of your event 50% of your retainer will be refunded to you. If the cancellation is less than 90 days to the date of your event any retainers or payments made are not refundable. Your request (signed contract) for that date is reserved specifically for you. When we hold one of our dates for you we turn away other clients that request that date because we have committed ourselves to be available to you. It is highly unlikely we will rebook the date so close to the event.

Category: Price and Payment

That may depend on what other DJ services you are considering. We offer a great set up, high grade wireless microphones, we can offer you video setups with flat screen televisions, 9 foot screens and a video projector. This way you won’t have to hire two companies: one to do audio and the other to do video as we do both. We have an excellent reputation in the DJ music service industry. Our setups look good, sound good and we get the details right.

Yes. And during the reception if we play a song you suddenly realize you don’t like, tell us and we will change it right away!

Yes. You can meet with the owner/DJ up to 3 times in person. First for meet and greet, second to sign the contracts and set final details. And if you’d like a week before your wedding to go over all the details and make sure your reception is planned according to your wishes. However meeting with us is not required, but at least one meeting is preferred.

No. We do not hang signs or banners with our logo. Some of our equipment may have small logo’s on them.

We do offer to MC your event to the degree that you wish. We announce the wedding party, the couple’s first dance, the bride’s dance with her father, the groom’s dance with his mother, best man and maid of honor speeches, the cutting of the cake, the garter toss and the bouquet toss. There might be special receptions that request other announcements to be made. We prefer to do very little talking between the songs as this is your reception and we are not the main attraction. We respect that this is your event and you make the rules.

We do not take breaks. Your music is played continuously. Meals are not required, however if you wish to provide us with a light meal, it is always appreciated.

We do not charge travel expenses for 40 miles or less from our studio in Christiansburg Virginia. We do charge if we are traveling over 40 miles to bring our equipment to your event. It is a very nominal charge because of the expense of travel time and vehicle expense to travel to your destination.

In order to save your date your retainer is usually $300 or 15% of the total bill, which ever is more.

Your final payment is due a week before your wedding date.

In the 15 years we have been in business we have never missed an event for any reason. But if something unexpected occurred, we would be responsible for finding you a replacement at no more than the original price quoted to you. We do have a back up sound technician that is available to play the music if we cannot locate another DJ for your event.

Our overtime rate is only $80 per hour, and you don’t have to tell us until the very last minute.

We accept bookings up to a year in advance. In this industry we can have no bookings one month and be completely sold out the next, so don’t wait too long. Also it is definitely worth it to contact us if your wedding is less than a month away. It might be one of those months we didn’t book up, so please give us a call.

Yes, we can provide this service, if requested. Please let us know at the time of your booking that you’d like Karaoke at your reception/event.

No. The price you see is the price you pay and there are no additional service fees, taxes or hidden costs. However, in a few locations there may be small additional fees such as parking fees and/or where loading access is difficult (i.e. many steps, no elevator, difficult access of any type) you will know prior to making a deposit with ASTA DJ, if there will be any additional charges above package prices.

We service all of southwestern Virginia. This includes: Blacksburg, Christiansburg, Radford, Floyd, Giles, Pulaski, Roanoke, Wytheville and Salem. We occasionally are requested to travel farther and are happy to do so. There is a small transportation fee outside our local area. (Our local area is considered 40 miles from our studio in Christiansburg Virginia).

There is the old-fashioned way of us having paper and pencil at the DJ table for them to write the name of the song down. If you’d like us to do that that’s quick and easy. But one of the best ways to encourage your guests to request a song would be on a 3 x 5 preprinted card, on each table. These cards ask your guests to write down, their name, the name of the song they’d like to hear. They can also write messages to the bride and groom. They bring it to the DJ table and later these cards are given to you so you can see who requested what song. The guest can also check on the card that the song is a dedication to someone. However requests such as happy birthday or shining the spotlight on someone else at your event will be brought to either your attention or your wedding planners attention to make sure that that is all right with you.

A few things to consider about going with a band. Is the band going to MC and execute all the different events that happen at a wedding reception? How many breaks will the band be taking? How long will those breaks be? Will the band be able to play special requests for your guests? You may still be in need of our services so call us to discuss what we can do for you that your band won’t be able to do for you.

If you have a question that is not on our FAQs page, please email us so that we may answer your question and add it to this page. Thank you for helping us become the best DJ company in Virginia.