I want my guests to be able to request music. What is the best way for them to request a song?

There is the old-fashioned way of us having paper and pencil at the DJ table for them to write the name of the song down. If you’d like us to do that that’s quick and easy. But one of the best ways to encourage your guests to request a song would be on a 3 x 5 preprinted card, on each table. These cards ask your guests to write down, their name, the name of the song they’d like to hear. They can also write messages to the bride and groom. They bring it to the DJ table and later these cards are given to you so you can see who requested what song. The guest can also check on the card that the song is a dedication to someone. However requests such as happy birthday or shining the spotlight on someone else at your event will be brought to either your attention or your wedding planners attention to make sure that that is all right with you.

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